Our Story

PT Primamitra Abadi Sentosa is a lighting solution provider company. We carry our own product branded Primalux. Primalux is a trademark of a high quality LED ( Light Emitting Diode) lighting products with patent rights internationally, including Indonesia. All of our products are made in Taiwan, partnering with 25 years experienced LED company in Taiwan.


With the increasing demand of electricity, the electricity and energy supply shortage situation of in Indonesia in particular, creates a chronic and growing problems. Lighting, making up 15-25% (and growing annually) of total electricity consumption, is one of the largest consumer of electricity. This is aggravated by the continuous increase of electricity fee (Tarif Dasar Listrik) from the government. The government agencies are now aggressively implementing electricity energy saving programs, in particular related to lighting. Official Legislation from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources 31/2005 governs the procedures for electricity saving. It is our obligation to comply.


On a second note, various measures internationally have been implemented to combat global warming in aim of sustainable quality environment for ours and future generations. We can also participate by utilizing environmental friendly product to preserve our world. In view of the above, PT. Primamitra Abadi Sentosa team comprised of highly qualified consultants and engineers, ready to assist our customers in exploring the benefits of energy saving through utilization of our prime quality LED lighting.

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Our Vision & Mission

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To be an Innovative Eco Environmental energy and lighting company.


To empower world sustainable energy management through advance lighting technology and energy development.